Who we are?

Chess Excellence was started by FM Nicholas Van Der Nat more than 24 years ago with the specific intention of bringing quality coaching solutions for chess players.

I noticed that too often chess players where no viewed as individuals with their own needs to grow their game. So, I sought to create a coaching service that looked to put the individual first and help provide quality chess training that will help them on their road to improvement.

Since the beginning Chess Excellence has grown to service chess players of all ages and developed experience in helping players setup plans to achieve their chess goals.

We have 10 coaches who work with us to help players of all levels on their journey to improve.

How do you structure your chess lessons?

In our first session we go through your games to get to know how you think and approach chess. We pick out some of your game to highlight your strengths and the areas needing improvement. We lay out the plan ahead to work on the areas of need. We draw up a lesson and study plan for the month and then work through that. Each month we then do another assessment and adjust or change the lesson plan for the time ahead.

What teaching methods do you use to help beginners understand chess concepts?
Our coaches do have different styles but the focus is on a Socratic method using questions to unlock players understanding and improvement.

Can you tailor lessons to my specific needs and skill level?
Yes, that is our goal to find the best standard to help players to improve.

What resources do you recommend for a beginner to study chess independently?
We try to setup a program to match chess players goals and time they have to put in. We also match it to the different learning paths players enjoy of chess.

Do you provide guidance on both the opening and endgame strategies?
We setup guidance on all areas of a players chess goals.

How do you help students improve their tactical and positional understanding?
How do you analyse and review games with your students

 Do you have experience working with players of my age/experience level?
We have experience with all levels of chess players and amongst our coaches we have the right coach to help you on your journey of improvement.

How often should I expect to have coaching sessions, and what is the duration of each session?
We find that one session once a week of two hours is the best to help players improve and grow. Some of our students do a second session to help accelerate their growth.

What is your availability, and can we schedule lessons at convenient times for me?
We find a time that fits into your calendar to remain consistent.

Can you help me set realistic goals for improvement and track my progress?
Yes, we help structure your goals with your time you have to make a learning program for growth.

Do you provide homework or specific tasks for improvement between sessions?
Yes, we structure your homework with the training program we put in. Every week we have exercises to test application of the them. We then review those at the beginning of the next session to ensure understanding.

What is your policy on missed or rescheduled lessons?
We charge a monthly fee and if a session is missed, we try to find a calendar time to catch up the class within the same month.

What is your coaching philosophy, and how do you make lessons enjoyable for beginners?
With our different coaches we try to find which coach has the best chemistry with the student. Our coaches on discovering with their students what they most enjoy in chess and use that to grow their chess.

Do you offer any additional support or resources outside of our coaching sessions?
Yes, our coaches are available to assist with chess related questions when possible.

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