Congratulations to Daniel Cawdery on his Second IM norm


Better late than never!

Daniel scored the norm at the Uige City International in June but due to some complications the event was only rated now. Daniel had a truly brilliant performance and now moves to number 1 on the FIDE list of active South African chess players.

Here below is a typical Daniel crushing win. Daniel has always had a very good tactical vision and a particular fondness for Knights. Here the poor victim of Daniels sharp play is an Angolan national team regular.

Daniel had a superb performance rating of 2514.

Por. č. T Meno FED Elo Kraj Body  TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp K Elo+/-
1 5 FM Cawdery Daniel RSA 2345 7.0 41.0 32.0 30.25 2514 15 28.6
2 13 Calicoca Wilton Inacio MOZ 2132 6.0 42.5 32.5 28.50 2411 30 84.9
3 3 IM Braga Cicero Nogueira BRA 2416 6.0 41.5 31.5 24.50 2426 10 1.9
4 4 IM Jere Daniel ZAM 2386 6.0 40.5 30.5 25.75 2341 0 0.0
5 2 IM Gwaze Robert ZIM 2433 5.5 42.5 32.5 26.25 2331 0 0.0
6 1 GM Galego Luis POR 2488 5.5 39.0 29.0 23.75 2319 10 -15.8
7 7 FM Pascoal Eduardo A ANG 2215 4.5 40.5 30.5 18.25 2283 15 8.9
8 6 IM Aderito Pedro ANG 2323 4.5 40.0 31.0 18.00 2278 15 -6.2
9 12 Oliveira Luciano ANG 2167 4.0 38.0 28.0 14.50 2199 15 3.5
10 8 CM Miguel Sergio ANG 2215 3.5 44.0 34.0 14.75 2171 15 -7.7
11 11 IM Sousa Armindo ANG 2193 3.5 41.0 31.0 12.75 2160 15 -6.3
12 9 IM Agnelo Amorin ANG 2197 3.5 39.5 30.5 11.75 2133 15 -10.9
13 10 FM Domingos Ediberto ANG 2195 3.5 35.0 26.5 11.50 2132 15 -10.6


Junior Nationals Update.

Hello to everyone reading the blog.

As the year comes hurtling to a close we as usual have the premium South African chess events looming. This year the South African Junior Chess Championships will be held in Durban with the venue being the ICC. There are a lot of changes as CHESSA looks to align with the international best practice. We have had this system for as long as I can remember and that’s 20 years!. We have been needing a change.

This is an update of the state and format for the Junior nationals. Many people are uninformed of the state of play and I hope to give clarity and help with debate. Please note that these rules might still change but I will keep the blog updated.

At this stage the team event will be a 9 rounds Swiss run using the same rules as the Olympiad. All age group teams will play in the same section, giving a chance to every team to compete for fair placing. The 9 rounds is maybe too little but its a big adjustment from where we are coming from.

It will bring us inline with international standards as the Senior and Youth Olympiad are run this way, as well as the world club championship’s. The advantage of this system means that teams don’t need to gain promotion to be able to compete for the top spots. In the past regions have had teams capable of winning a medal but unfortunately they were not in the Championship section.

The time control will be 90 minutes a side for the whole game and NO ADD on time. The proposed schedule will be 3 rounds on the 15th, 3 rounds on the 16th, 2 rounds on the 17th and 1 on the 18th. It seems like a lot but we want teams to get the chance to prove how good they are and if we don’t have enough rounds in a Swiss the placings will not be fair.

They still need to decide the sections for the prizes but the Olympiad has many category prizes, so I expect them to follow the same route. Their will be 2 kinds of board prizes one for total percentage score and the second for highest performance rating. This again is the international standard.

I will keep updating as things change. Please post your comments and questions and I can help with the information.