The day the seeds fell round 5 continued

So lets get to the games.

Round 5 turned out to be a blood bath for the higher seeded players. The first stunning result was Top seeded Ahmed Adly’s loss to Craig Bohrnheim. Craig has done wonderfully well in the sharp positions requiring calculation. First holding a draw to 7th seed Daniel Cawdery and now this Win against the former world u20 champion.

So this is the deciding moment in their game. The opening already went very wrong for Ardly in a Cambridge springs defence and now Craig Simply wins the exchange with Bc7. Easy as can be Craig went on to win very nicely.

Lets look at Cawdery’s win against the the Zimbabwian Amini

Daniel is very good in sharp positions and Amini made a mistake playing such a double edged line.

Next of the seeds to fall is South Africa’s top entry to the tournament IM Watu Kobese.

Watu has a very strong active strategic style. Here Bhawodien demonstrated his ability to create active counter chance to compensate for his weak b-pawn.

Next on the list of seeds to drop points was IM Johannes Mabusela.

Who ever said having a title doesn’t get you free points? Here Johannes simple blundered a piece trying to be too fancy on move 14. and ended up getting a draw because of his reputation. I’m sure Mabu will be better later in the event.

A word of advice for lower rated players. When your opponent offers you a draw ask yourself: “what are the chances of me losing from this position” If I play normally. In the position above the odds of White losing are very low.


Just in case you were left wondering whats the point of ratings, here is a game of Donovan van Den Heever showing his superiority.

Here Craig made a common mistake instead of defending the problems on the Q side and waiting passively. He tried to create active counter-play on the queenside.

Hindsight is an exact science!

Its never easy to pick how to handle that type of position but well played by Donnie.

Last but not least we have the Game of the round

This is a GM showing he’s a GM! When going through the game one might think that there’s nothing special here but by move 15 Fernandes was down to less than 30 minutes to his opponents hour. Plus black is just worse with white having all the play. he then proceeds to secure his position and then finally seize the initiative with 25…Ne6.

This game is a great example of quality play under pressure. Its really not easy when your clock is ticking down you cant find any good ideas and you just look at your opponent who has double your time and so many good things to do.

Well played to GM Fernandes.