Who says GMs are so tough

Its seems no one told Rodwell Makoto that playing a Grandmaster is tough.

Rodwell has recorded his second straight draw to a GM in round 9 of the SA open. This time to number one seed Ahmed Adly. Adly out ranks Rodwell by more than 400 points but as Rodwell showed ratings don’t help you move pieces!

A wonderful result for Rodwell who remains undefeated for the event. Rodwell pushed in the beginning of the game and secured a slight edge Adly battled back but with little material on the board could do nothing to put his opponent under pressure, a draw a fair result in the end.

I”m delighted for Rodwell’s sake as he is a serious student of chess and has been working hard to improve his game for the last few years. Its funny how chess works as Rodwell has been spending more time recently on academic studies and now he is busy recording the best result of his career. Chess is a very funny sport!

Ill give a more in depth coverage of the other game’s in a later post.