GM Abergel breaks away form the chasing peloton!

No you’re not reading the reports form the Tour de France its the SA Open story of round 9.

With 2 rounds to go GM Thal Abergel of France has snatched control of the 2012 SA Open from GM Fernandes. As I said in an earlier post if GM Fernandes doesn’t improve his clock management skills he will lose control of this event. Well don’t call me Nostradamus but it came true!

There are two theories on how to play when you must win a chess game:

1) Throw the kitchen sink at you opponent and if that doesn’t work throw the bathroom one as well! The basic point is to throw caution to the wind and attack you opponent.

2)Worry your opponent to death! Here the basic idea is to play a very slow postion were the game can go many directions. You want your opponent to over stress about his tournament situation and because of his nervousness crack. This technique was used by Kasparov against Karpov in their 3rd World Championship match, when Kasparov had to win to retain his title.

In this crucial round 9 clash GM Abergel chose a version of the first. He imbalanced the position as soon as possible with a dubious piece sacrifice. The variation is well known in theory to not give white enough but the positions are not simple to play. GM Fernandes began to use too much time to find a solution to his development problems and ended up giving too many pawns to force his own development. GM Abergel then forced the battle around move 30 just when GM Fernandes had very little time. The complex position was too much and shortage of time was too much. GM Abergel now takes the sole lead after a very nice win.

As reported earlier on board 2 Rodwell Makoto recorded a well played draw againt GM Adly

On Board 3 Watu bludgeoned his opponent into submission. He clearly wasn’t in a mood to allow any upsets!

On board 4 Laura Irving and Donovan Van Den Heever engaged in a very sharp battle from a Benoni. Laura made far too many weaknesses and Donovan too full advantage with some nice tactical blows.


On board 4 IM Mabusela walked a way with an easy win. Aguirre played far too passively in the opening and didnt appreciate the light sqaured weakness he was creating. Its actually quite amusing (as long as its not happening to you!)  how Johannes picks of every white pawn that moved to a light sqaure on the 3rd rank. First h3 then d3 then b3 oops he forgot about f3! Don’t worry he went back and got that too.

So as we head into the weekend GM Abergel holds a narrow half  point lead over the chasing peloton! With 5 riders err I mean players chasing hard on his heals!