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Chess Excellence Offers:
  1. Once or twice a week on-site lessons for the children as a regular and on going activity.
  2. Teachers and children are taught the basics as a group on-site. Once the course is complete, teachers can continue with the lessons. Includes beginners booklet for children to take home, as well as teachers book.
  3. Sourcing of all Chess equipment, beginners booklets and teachers books.

One is never too young to start learning chess. In fact former U.S. Secretary of Education Terrell Bell encourages knowledge of chess as a way to develop a preschoolers intellect and academic readiness.

If one thinks about it, Chess, is the ideal learning tool for young children. They can touch and feel the pieces, get to associate names with shapes, learn different moves and also where each piece goes. They also learn rules and how to apply them.

In addition, on a more complex level they learn to plan, execute these plans and face the consequences of these plans. They also develop their spatial awareness and abstract thinking and learn how to apply their minds when required. The handling of winning and loosing develops maturity.

Young Boy Young boy pondering next move

All the above can be taught in a playful and stress free environment, either in or outdoors. Chess equipment is also really affordable making it easy for parents to participate with their children at home.

To further illustrate the above we have provided some links to cute You-Tube videos below.