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Welcome to the Chess Excellence Academy.

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Chess Excellence has been established to provide chess players of all playing strengths with quality training and opportunities and so enable them to improve their skill levels.

Chess Excellence further strives to provide it's members, as well as players at large with opportunities to experience the benefits and enjoyment of Chess.

In addition to the above, Chess Excellence will strive to introduce and improve Chess in as many schools as possible. This initiative will not be limited to High and Primary Schools but will also include Nursery Schools and Crèches.

Chess Excellence is not affiliated or aligned to any union or association and is open to players of all strengths, from beginner to expert, irrespective of age or gender.

Improving Intellectual performance!

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Nicholas van der Nat - Academy Founder

Nicholas vd Nat

Knight Awarded FIDE Master and FIDE Trainer titles.
Knight 3 X South African Senior Closed Champion.
Knight Has represented South Africa on numerous occasions.
Knight More than 12 years coaching experience.
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